Get the Most Out of Your Workout With Athleta and Powervita

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Pants //White Bra // Flowered Bra // Sweater

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, finding the way you, your body and your soul likes to move will be the game changer in sticking with any fitness regimen! Movement comes in many forms and is not a one stop shop for all. With all of the personalities I and every other woman has swirling around their pretty little heads, finding a movement style that resonates with every personality is 100% possible; however,  it takes time, patience and more often than not it means laughing at yourself when it all goes terribly wrong.  One day you may be feeling anger and a boxing or a HIIT session may be your calling your name. Other days you may be bursting with energy and a dance or cycling class may be the key in releasing the hounds on the endorphins train. The most important takeaway here is that you move your body on a regular basis. Movement simply put helps you feel better mind, body and soul.

In order to find a movement and/or class that works for you my biggest suggestion would be to join a health club or app service that offers a variety of instructors and styles. This way you can ease your way in, move with a purpose and not spend an arm and a leg on joining multiple studios. Lastly, get some cute workout clothes! Have you ever noticed how an outfit can change your entire demeanor? When I get new workout gear or new kicks I often find an increased pep in my step,  a little more swagger and increased power in my workouts.

Speaking of power, The new POWERVITA collection from Athleta offers innovative, interlocking construction that gives a lighter than light, hugged-in feel. The wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the body so it can evaporate faster yet it is breathable enough that sweat can travel to the surface and evaporate faster. It honestly feels like my body is being hugged in all the right places yet I do not feel suffocated in any way. I love that the white bra is great for HIIT sessions and the adjustable braletts are perfect for Yoga and Barre. They offer more than enough support, but feel like they are barely there. As far as sizing goes I size down to an XS in both tops and bottoms.

This fall, let Athleta and the POWERVITA collection help propel you forward and give you the confidence to try something new! Add layers for a cute athleisure style that can easily transition from the studio to the streets and embrace the #PowerofShe.


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    I like your fitness your exercise routine your post contains a lot of information which is very helpful for us i like this post it gives us lot of motivation i am feeling lucky to read this post thanks for sharing.

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      I am so glad you enjoyed today’s post! Hopefully you find a movement style you like!

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