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    Workout Wednesday: Quick-Fire Mobility and Stability Workout

    Video by Catarcione Productions

    Happy Humpday Everyone! It’s #WorkoutWednesday and I have created a quick-fire video for you that will help improve and enhance both stability (core-strength) and mobility (functional flexibility) in the shoulders, thoracic spine (mid-back), hips, low back, hamstrings and booty! Improving mobility is often overlooked, but has many benefits including:

    Decreased Recovery Time

    Increased Range of Motion in Joints and Muscles

    More Fluidity in Movements

    Decreased Risk of Injury

    You can do each exercise back to back for ONE minute. Followed by a 30-second child’s pose. REPEAT 3x for a 12 minute workout or 4x for a 16 minute workout. Do this workout first thing in the morning to get your blood pumping, in the afternoon to beat the afternoon slump or try it right before your evening bath or shower. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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