Boxing:5 Reasons to Add it to Your Fitness Regimen With Christa Dipaolo

5 Reasons to Add Boxing to Your Fitness Regimen

This past summer I had the opportunity to experience tons of different workouts thanks to Propel Water. As a woman, taking heavy lifting classes or intense boot camp can classes can be intimidating and often times I would find myself walking right into the Yoga/Barre studio solely based on the fact that I thought I wasn’t ready to for more intensity. Have you felt the same way? If so, I get it. Even though my most consistent form of exercise is Barre, I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone more and more every week. As a former dancer, Barre movement is very familiar to me and I embrace every pulse and plié; however, I crave a little more intensity here and there depending on my mood.

Benefits of Boxing

As we age, resistance training becomes a lot more important in staying healthy and mobile, and since cardio is something I have always struggled with boxing combines cardio and strength win a way that challenges your mind, body and soul. Not just your lungs. I have been hooked ever since. Why? Well I will tell you shortly.

This week, I chatted with Cardio Boxing Superstar Christa Dipaolo. Christa is the creator of Box 180 and THE CUT presented by Equinox. You can find me in her class every Wednesday that I am in town and I always work up a sweat! You may have seen Christa featured on POPSUGAR Fitness or on Good Morning America and if you haven’t…make sure to check out her inspiring Instagram immediately!

THE CUT is a class offered exclusively at Equinox. If you are a member and want to learn ‘the basics” in a fun and inviting environment then make sure to check your schedule for the latest class information. If you are not a member, make sure to read on for more of my favorite boxing gyms and studios in a city near you!


Why Boxing?

“Want to knockout stress, tone your entire body AND feel like a total bad ass to boot? Then grab your gloves or a set of light hand weights and get punching!  Let’s face it, boxing has become a fitness phenomenon and it isn’t just saved for the ring anymore. It is accessible, effective, fun and for EVERYONE.” -Christa Dipaolo

Increased Gross Motor Function & Coordination:

Boxing is a lot like dancing. You are combining movement patterns and using the beat of the music in class to power you through. Once you get into class and start practicing connected movement of the arms and legs. It can be a challenge, but working on this skill set can really help reduce your risk of injury. We all trip, but some of us trip and fall vs. trip and recover. Why? Because we lack coordination and focus on gross motor skills. Isn’t that reason enough to find a class near you?!

Who Needs Therapy? The short answer…we all do LOL!

Christa says: YES, boxing delivers that toned fighter’s aesthetic however, that’s only secondary to all the amazing therapeutic benefits it provides. Boxing reduces stress, builds confidence and leaves you feeling both empowered and feeling like a total bad ass! And if that isn’t enough to include some power punches to your fitness regiment it gets even better.

Boxing makes you smarter!

Your brain is in over-drive remembering all the drills and skills that you’re performing. Thus, it is mind / body connection at it’s finest. You’re also improving balance, hand-eye coordination, speed, agility and quickness.

You work from head to toe.

Boxing also happens to be a full body workout that incinerates calories. Punching requires power from head to toe. You’re using your legs and hips to power the punches, utilizing more muscle groups which will in turn burn more calories. Want to skip those boring sit-ups? Boxing has you covered! There is a ton of rotation involved to fuel your knockout punches which guarantees those 6-pack abs.

The skills you learn in class may save your life.

#METOO. Learning how to properly kick and punch may help get you out of harms way. Women and young girls for that matter should try their hardest to learn how to properly protect themselves. Even the most basic classes can help you master combinations to keep you safe and sound.

Sweat with Christa here or find a class near you!

P.S. How fierce is she?!



Find a Group X class or  boxing gym in a major city near you:

New York



Title Boxing Club



The Box Miami

5th Street Gym

South Beach Boxing

Punch Boxing for Fitness


Franklin Street Boxing Club

Body Shot Boxing Club

TITLE Boxing Club

Unanimous Boxing Gym


Topeira Boxing Club

Blunt Force Training

Los Angeles 

Prevail Boxing

City of Angels Boxing

Free Spirit Boxing and Fitness

Box N Burn

“Whether you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, get toned, beat stress or feel like a champion – Boxing has you covered!”

Thanks Christa! If you are looking for information on classes in your area. Feel free to reach out in the comment section below.


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