UB Toner™: Lift and Tone Your Upper Body Anytime Anywhere

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Video by Catarcione Productions

When I started TWF.com home fitness was the name of the game! Not much has changed over the past few years other than the fact that I am constantly on the road for work. As you know, I am always looking for new, innovative and convenient ways to fit in my fitness so the UB Toner™ seemed like the perfect piece of equipment for at-home or on the road use.

When I was offered the chance to try the UB Toner™ I could not resist. You see, the UB Toner™ naturally helps lift your breasts by strengthening your pectoral muscles in less than ten minutes per day, three to four times per week. I know I have not had babies, but weight fluctuations and hormonal changes have left my B cups in a much less perky state as opposed to my gravity defying chest of college days past. As you know, age and babies can also cause your lady bits to bow down and if you are a “naturalista” like me you may be in need of a little bit of help in the lift and tone department. I also like the idea of resistance training without the need to do a single push-up!

The UB Toner™ works by utilizing triple resistance technology – as the device provides eighteen pounds of resistance upon both motions of pushing in and out with the device, as well as utilizing and working your own back muscles.  With the UB Toner™ slow and steady wins the race! You can tighten, tone and lift by performing for four simple exercises 10, 20 or 30 times! I was pleasantly surprised with how fast I felt my upper body working. The resistance is attainable yet challenging. To make it harder you perform more repetitions. To make it a little less challenging you perform fewer repetitions. You can use the UB Toner™ anywhere: at your desk, in your living room or even in your car on a long road trip, only if you are a passenger! Safety first.

Watch today’s YouTube video above for the full workout and click here to get your UB Toner™ today!


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