Find Your ZOKU With Reebok

*This post is sponsored by Reebok thank you in advance for supporting my favorite brand partners! Without them, this blog would not be possible. As always, all opinions are my own.

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

ZOKU’s Japanese translation means to be continued or to be part of a tribe. As a strong millennial woman, I consider my gang of fearless females my ZOKU! They inspire me to be the best version of myself, and honestly, are the reason I continue to share my stories with all of you on my little part of the Internet. The whole ‘mean girls’ trend is like so 2004, and we should work hard as women to leave that shtick in the past and take time to lift our girl gangs up. Support and inspiration of one another should be the wave of the here and now!

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

Like the ZOKU RUNNER, women are incredibly versatile! No offense to my husband, brothers or father, but my rock star gals who are full-time working stay at home mom’s; I bow down to you! You are the real heroes of the household, and no doubt “wear the pants”. Better yet…you wear the “ZOKU RUNNERS”. Women have to be a variety of different people on any given day. They are the cooks, the cheerleaders, the organizers, the boss babes, the goal diggers, the wives, the girlfriends, the coaches and often times the fathers. Women are truly what make the world go round. So thank you mom for all of the sleepless nights and sacrifices you made for us!

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

My ZOKU is well-rounded and consist of mothers, CEO’s, retail managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, photographers, nurses, bloggers, physical therapists, dental assistants, fitness professionals, models and more! They try to transition through life by letting go of the idea that everything should perfectly balanced, and try their best to embrace the fact that they need to keep their laces tied tight and ready to run. Tough times are temporary. Tough women are made to last!

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

Like my circle of women; the ZOKU RUNNER is just as well rounded as we are! The ZOKU RUNNER is a direct descendant of the original Classic, celebrating the brand’s Vector through a modernized and updated silhouette. Crafted out of Reebok’s newest upper and most superior digital knitting technology, ULTRAKNIT, the ZOKU RUNNER allows a sock like feel and a fashionable look, as its breathability and ultra-light feel delivers extreme comfort while reducing material waste.  To view the ZOKU RUNNER go to

or click here to get your pair today!

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

The ZOKU Runner can help me easily transition from the studio to the streets! You have seen me pair kicks with everything from leather leggings and dresses to tights and shorts! The ZOKU RUNNER has been on constant rotation and the color is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for spring!

My ZOKU….you know who you are! I want to say thank you for keeping me afloat all these years. Without you I wouldn’t have made it. Today, I encourage all women to find your tribe or ZOKU because at the end of the day; they are the ones that will be there with open arms, a glass of wine and to tell you when you need to get it together.

My ZOKU, my world….get yours today.


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