ThirdLove Review-The Quest for the Perfect Bra is Over

This is an important bra conversation brought to you by ThirdLove. As always all opinions are my own.

ThirdLove Loungewear

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It seems like these days I live my life in sports bras or pretty lace bralettes because my athletic body does not require much more; however, that was not always the case. In college I rocked an almost C hormone induced chest, but after overhauling my diet, increasing the amount of group exercise classes I take every week and going off birth control I found myself struggling to fill out a B. Often times have to wear a nude bra for modeling jobs or when I need to act like an adult on the weekends, but whenever I do wear a regular bra I have to tighten my straps to an uncomfortable level or I am left pouring out of the side or with a gap in the front with the seams popping through every shirt.

ThirdLove Bra Review

ThirdLove Bra

Finding the proper bra is a very serious mission, similar to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Once you find the right style, fit and comfort, you stay true to that brand until the end. Without sounding too excited, “salesy” or overexcited, I want to share a little bit more about my new favorite bra from ThirdLove.

ThirdLove Bra Fit Finder

The “Fit Finder” is a questionnaire used to help you find the perfect fit of your next bra. It is a few simple questions that will open a whole new world for you. All this time I thought I was a 34 B, but in actuality I am an athletic 32B and a HALF…yes HALF. The every day bra for me is the 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra. It is seamless, comfortable and fits perfectly with no gaps! The accordion strap gives a woman extra support without digging into the shoulder. ThirdLove offers 30 percent more cup size options than most bra makers, and they have developed a proprietary blend of lightweight memory foam to give the bra a feeling of “a second skin”. The flat tubing is sewn into the bra’s frame and although it costs twice as much as traditional wire channel, it keeps the bras underwire from ever poking out and scraping a woman’s skin.

ThirdLove Seamless Loungewear

ThirdLove Bra Review

I have tried on my new ThirdLove bra with everything from this Seamless ¾ sleeve Tee in Zinfandel shown here to my favorite little black dress and I have to tell you…I am ready to order more. The color I chose is called naked -2, but if nude is not your thing I love the potent plum and the seafoam. There is also a 3 for $27 package on seamless underwear that is worth every penny. They pair perfectly with the Seamless Leggings or with active wear of any kind. I have tested them and they are very comfortable during yoga or boot camp!    I plan on wearing this entire outfit on my travels to Italy and China in a few weeks and give ThirdLove an A+ in comfort, fit and fabric.

Make sure you hop on over to ThirdLove to use the Fit Finder and get sized for your perfect bra today! ThirdLove believes in their product so much that you can even try before you buy! Order any bra style, wear it, wash it and try it for 30-days and decide whether or not you want to keep it. All you pay for is $2.99 for shipping. After the 30 days are up you will be charged in full for your new ThirdLove beauty…which I truly believe you will.

If you are already a ThirdLove worshiper then I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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