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By now you probably have a family member, friend or friend of a friend use or sell Rodan and Fields. If you recently purchased Allure magazines fall beauty issue, you may have read a 10-page spread on the social sisterhood that is Rodan and Fields. My love/hate relationship with my skin began in college. I made it through my awkward teenage years with very few physical woes. Acne was never an issue until my hormones decided to run ramped at the ripe old age of twenty. The summer of my sophomore year of college I began breaking out so bad that there was literally no part of my face that didn’t have a pimple. I was desperate for help, and ordered everything from Dr. Murad to Proactive and everything in between. I was a broke college kid, who woke up everyday, looked in the mirror and cried because I had yet another performance. Another time in front of a crowd, and had to slap on more and more makeup to make my blemishes disappear.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I had to start going back to the dermatologist on a regular basis. We did a round or two of antibiotics and she recommended a bi-weekly trip to the aesthetician for microderabrasion, extractions and a face mask. This ran about $300 per trip, and thankfully my parents felt so bad for me that they were willing to help. I was a poor college kid, remember?! By Christmas my blemishes and marks were gone, and I was back to my happy-go-lucky self! Until it happened again, and I was forced to go on accutane to control it. Did you know in order to get a prescription to accutane you have to endure both a urine and blood test, take an exam and be on two forms of birth control? Yes, even if you are NOT doing to horizontal mambo. No lie, I has a prescription for a year with minimal side effects and perfect skin, but I was putting serious poison in my body. I could deal with a pimple or two from then on.

Unblemish Before & After

Over the past few years, living in Miami, I have had breakouts due to the heat, humidity and of course…the fact that I sweat for a living does not help a thing. I was at my wits end, and began seeing an amazing dermatologist every two weeks for a peel, as well as, buying products, and filling prescriptions. Not only was it time consuming, but it cost a lot of freaking money!  As a last resort I saw that my friend was selling a skincare line called Rodan and Fields. They have an adult acne line called Unblemish. I figured with my crazy travel schedule, and inability to see the doctor, I would give it a try. Much to my surprise, it not only worked, but it radically changed my skin! I have NEVER had glowing skin, and Unblemish gave me the freedom from doctors and medication that I have craved for years. The full regimen costs about $171.00 for a 60-day kit, which averages to about $2.49/day. They also offer a 60-day FULL money back guarantee, so I thought, what the heck!? It took about two-three weeks for my skin to purge everything, and then after about 5 weeks, I saw the radical difference! It has been my saving grace and something I wanted to share.

So, after a few months of use I decided to join to Rodan and Fields family as a consultant. Why? Well for starters you get a great discount, but more importably, I want to be resource for friends and family who are struggling with all kinds of skin concerns. Also, lets be real, it doesn’t hurt to make a  little extra cash on the side because the bottom line is…these products really work, I wholeheartedly believe in them, and I wanna be a mama with some cash-flow!

So what are the lines they offer, and how can they help? I will break down the four main lines and a few other products they offer. If you only have a couple of minutes, try the solution tool  1-2 times to address your skincare needs, and see what line is right for you, and watch the before and after video below to see how awesome these products are.

Now lets get down to business!

Here is a before and after video for each line R & F offers:

Regimen:Unblemish is now the #1 Premium Acne Brand in the World!

Skin Concern: Acne

What is it? UNBLEMISH is 4-step system based on multi-med therapy that tackles the acne development process. The Unblemish regime includes a sulfur wash, spot fading toner, acne treatment and oil-control sunscreen.


Unblemish by Rodan and Fields taylorwalkerfit.myrandf.comunblemish 2

Link to FAQs for Unblemish

Skin Concern: Appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness


What is it? REDEFINE is a comprehensive skincare regimen that layers cosmetic ingredients and proven peptide technology to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. This regime includes our full-size products: Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30, and Overnight Restorative Cream.

Recommended Add-On: We also recommend using REDEFINE along with the AMP MD Roller and Accute Care for expression lines.


Redefine-Rodan & Fields


Redefine by Rodan & Fields-

Link to FAQs for Redefine


Skin Concern: Appearance of brown spots, dullness and discoloration

What is it?  Exposure to the sun and the environment can leave you with less-than-youthful skin. Erase the appearance of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness and discoloration with REVERSE. REVERSE Regimen exfoliates, visibly brightens, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defends against sun exposure for a long-term solution for a radiant complexion. The REVERSE Regimen features four full-size products: Deep Exfoliating Wash .; Intensive Brightening Toner; Dual Active Brightening Complex; and Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen 50


Reverse Regime by Rodan & Fields

Reverse Regime by Rodan and Fields

Link to FAQ’s for Reverse


Skin Concern: Sensitive, Irritated Skin and Facial Redness

What is it? Where do you turn when your face can’t take it anymore? Calm the flush-blush reaction of a hyper-sensitive complexion with SOOTHE. Clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation in as little as 5 minutes, SOOTHE shields against the biological and environmental aggressors that can trigger inflammation, helps fortify skin’s natural moisture barrier, calms visible redness, and reduces irritation so that you can take comfort in having a healthy-looking complexion every day. SOOTHE can also be used with UNBLEMISH if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the acne treatment.  Can you use it while pregnant? Yes, but we recommend ALWAYS consulting with your healthcare provider before using any new products.

What do you get?  The SOOTHE Regimen features 4 full-size products: Gentle Cream Wash; Sensitive Skin Treatment; Moisture Replenishing Cream; and Mineral Sunscreen SPF.


Soothe Regime by Rodan & Fields


Soothe Regime by Rodan and Fields

Link to FAQ’s for SOOTHE

They also have an amazing eye cream, microdermabrasion paste, acute care (think botox patches) and mini regimes for those of us who want to test the waters.

Rodan & Fields Add On's taylorwalkerfit.myrandf.comIMG_7252

Well, there you have it. We all have skin. We all want youthful skin, and I would like to age as gracefully as possible. If you have any concerns about your skin, want to learn how to get 10-25% off or want to earn an extra income, send an e-mail to

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