Monday Motivation Moments With TWF: 5 Thoughts to Get You Through the Week

Monday Motivation:

Make time to check in with your yourself and take time for self-care. It is of the utmost importance.

The past three years have been a whirlwind of planes, trains and automobiles. Although I would power through my days  I would often times feel like I wasn’t even living in my body anymore. I was dealing with constant fatigue, trips to Urgent Care and a longing for a routine and more one on one time with my husband. You know, the simple things in life most of us take for granted. This past month, I took some time off from all of the travel and focused solely on getting back to a place that I love.

Sure, my Instagram feed and Facebook pages only show a happy, healthy woman who is constantly on-the-go and some days I did feel like her, but as of late, I was feeling like a less shiny version of the happy girl I know and love. So what did I do? I started to really check in and ask myself what I needed. I came to the realization it was a very simple formula: sleep more, sweat often, reconnect with friends/family and eat a variety of whole nutrient dense foods.

It was a simple formula that for some can feel like climbing mount everest! Easier said than done right?  I am very blessed to be able to have more control over my schedule than your average 9-5 person, but you do have more time in your schedule than you think. If you feel you don’t, I suggest sitting down at the calendar and scheduling time for your doctors appointments, workout classes and even time with friends. I had myself convinced that there was something very wrong with my body and saw everyone from the endocrinologist to allergist. Aside from a TMJ issue, I was just simply run down, and you might be too.

For me, my first stop was to my acupuncturist. I was placed on an adrenal fatigue remedy that helped me begin to feel better almost immediately. The past few weeks I took the time to workout at least four times per week and not beat myself up when I missed a day at the gym. I focused on my nutrition and also indulged in foods that satisfy my soul. I spent time with friends and Cory and finally feel like I am back to the real me again for the first time in a long time.

Bruno Mars Calves

Bruno Mars has exceptionally large calves for his small body

On a lighter note; Cory and I went to the Bruno Mars concert at he BB & T center last night! Bruno belted out everything from Versace on the Floor to Just the Way You Are. He is an absolutely phenom and has been one of my all time favorites for years now. Yes he is very tiny, but the MAN can he dance! A mix of Michael, James and Elvis yet totally 2017. I would definitely recommend seeing him the next time he is in your city! My thought of the day is not about his musical prowess or his cute dimples, but it is about his lower half. HIS CALVES.  They are very large and muscular and I could not help but be distracted…cue my ADD. Strange I know, but I felt the need to share…my man has very large calves. LOL

Monday Motivations

Fresh Flowers make me REALLY FREAKING HAPPY.

Every Monday while home I don’t wait for my husband to walk in the door with fresh flowers (although he does…sometimes). I go to Whole Foods or Fresh Market and buy myself a simple arrangement or a beautiful bloom in a happy color. I arrange them in my grandmothers vases and single blooms in her tiny trinkets and place them around my house. Fresh blooms can brighten up any home and they always make me smile.

Neat and Tidy Home Motivation Tips

A neat and tidy space yields a more successful day.

While on the road 24/7 I had a completely meltdown last year and finally hired a cleaning lady to come every two weeks. I love her. I adore her and I now cannot live without her; however, being home the whole month meant it was no sweat to keep the house tidy and clean. I actually used cleaning as a bit of downtime doing mindless activity.

So at night, I suggest organizing and cleaning your house, apartment or room to the best of your ability. You will feel much less chaos by starting your day in a neat and tidy place. I am not saying you should become a total neat freak, but there are some serious benefits of putting all of your stuff away and getting those pesky dirty dishes out of the sink.

Motivation Time

Making time for girl-time or friends should be a top priority! Single, married or in a relationship.

When I first moved to Miami I felt like an alien from another planet. I drove a Jetta that I loved and not a “fancy car”.  I didn’t have many designer things and I smiled a lot. It was not until I walked into Inner Balance Studio that I finally met my people. I have made some incredible friends down here in Miami and we always talk about how we met our bestie was by going to workout classes or sweat related function. We like to go to fitness events and squeeze in a class here and there and always leave feeling happier and more well connected than when we showed up. So if you are feeling a bit lonely, isolated or in need of movement sign up for a class immediately. You never know who you are going to meet.



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