Hydration Station: How Much Water Do You Really Need?

This hydration conversation has been sponsored by Baptist Health South Florida. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Summer is still in full swing here in South Florida and since I have been on the road for two weeks I almost completely forgot what true humidity was until I walked out of the American Airlines terminal on Tuesday evening. As the doors whizzed open I was immediately engulfed by the warm, moisture filled Miami air. Everyone is New York was complaining last week about how hot and humid it was, and honestly, I cannot believe I used to be one of them! Living in South Florida, has taught me a little something about the two H’s: humidity and hydration.

Water is the elixir of LIFE! Literally. It is the one thing every creature on this planet needs to survive. Without it we would not be here. So why is it that it can feel extremely difficult to fit in the recommended eight cups per day? I spoke a lot about water and hydration this summer, and as cooler temperatures are only a few weeks away I want to encourage you to leap into September with a new found appreciation for H20 and offer a couple of tips from my friends at Baptist Health South Florida.

Hydration Baptist Health South Florida

Baptist Health South Florida says that most people can remain properly hydrated by focusing solely on their thirst levels. When we get busy, stressed or have cravings, water may be the furthest thing from our minds. Staying properly hydrated is not a one stop show for all. According to Natalie Castro, chief wellness dietitian for Corporate Wellness at Baptist Health South Florida. She says: “We used to have that recommendation of eight cups of water throughout the day, with each cup measuring eight ounces. That sounded really good, but there are so many factors that are involved.”

Watch this video for more on hydration and from Natalie!

Castro also recommends tracking your urine. A pale yellow color means you are well hydrated whereas a dark amber color means you are not. In closing, “8 by 8” rule, Castro says you can use it as a goal to help you adopt healthier nutritional habits. “How much do you need? It can be a little less than eight cups a day, or a littler more,” she says. “But you should be listening to your body to determine how much water you should be having or how thirsty you are.”

My pro tip: I like to carry a 32 oz. water bottle with me and drink at least two per day! So I suggest you grab a bottle, listen to your body and get to chugging! For more on how much water you need and hydration make sure to read this post today!


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