The Meet-Up at Wynwood Yard X Cotilu Activewear


 “Get together, sweat together, create together.”

Amanda Mestre of ICON SPORTIVE and I brought our first fitness event to life the past December! Our sole purpose for creating this series stems from the desire to create a platform for women to connect with each other. We have realized how empowering it is to have colleagues, friends, women in our circle that are also on their own professional journey to share ideas, collaborate and often just spend time with. The series is centered around creating a tribe of women that help and encourage each other to grow, highlighting some of Miami’s local businesses and talented female entrepreneurs all while enjoying a little sweat session to break the ice.


The concept is simple: we get together, sweat together and enjoy getting to know one another in an inclusive and warm environment.  We enjoy some lite bites and drinks and connecting with each other. Topics will be focused on mindful living and business development. By attending one of the events, guests have access to the group where we’ll continue to provide great content to help everyone grow and manifest their goals and dreams.

We are so excited to be able to bring this into fruition; something we’ve been searching for in the community for so long.


The Meet-Up at Wynwood Yard X Cotilu Activewear

We could not have brought our event to life without our community parters like Cotilú Activewear.

Cotilú was created by two visionary businesswomen who desired to bring ethical business practices and fitness fashion together. Cotilú designs are produced with made-to-last materials and are manufactured in Colombian factories chosen because they provide living wages and fair treatment of team members. Our designs have the highest quality standards in clothing and prints, all created exclusively for the brand.

Each collection maintains a line of inspiration to give meaning to each garment in such a way that each piece is intricate and unique, telling it’s own story. A mixture of Costa Rican and Colombian cultures, Cotilú clothing has sports-enhanced properties to increase performance and comfort with unique designs unattainable in the fitness fashion industry.  Until now.

Cotilu Active x Taylor Walker Fit

Cotilú offers two different styles of leggings: high compression and multiyear. High compression is for high impact sports. It increases blood circulation and helps limb placement. Multiwear is for anytime wear and is a more flexible fit. The ‘Ballerina” tight shown on Amanda and I in the video are comfortable, supportive and stay put during all types of movement styles.

Stay tuned for more dates coming in March and to nominate a trainer or space in Miami comment below or shoot an e-mail to


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