10 Ways to Overcome Fear and Become FEARLESS in 2018

How to be Fearless in 2018

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Fear is as natural a human emotion that can be as common as laughter as happiness. We all have fear at some point or another, but there are simple steps you can take to help you overcome that fear and become the person you truly want to be. As we leave the stressors of 2017 in the past, you may be in full blown resolution mode. Close your eyes for a moment and picture the person you want to be by 2019. What goals do you want to achieve? Do you want to acquire that promotion? Lose the weight? Become a better friend or partner? Whatever it is that you want to achieve you CAN achieve it!

Some of us use fear of failure as the ultimate motivator while others use fear to literally cripple their dreams. They are the first to point out why they can’t do something instead of pointing out why they should and begin chipping away. Which person are you? Believe me, when I quit my cushy teaching job I myself was paralyzed by the fear of the unknown. It was when I took a couple of leaps of blind faith that a whole new world began to unfold. I am so grateful to have  had a support system along the way and with a sprinkle of fearlessness and hard work I am slowly creating a life that was but a dream three years ago.

How to be Fearless in 2018

Photo by @LucciaPhotos

So let’s get to it…how can you become overcome fears and become FEARLESS in 2018?

Set Macro and Micro Goals: A macro goal is the large goal you want to achieve. Your “Mt. Everest” so to speak. Trying to tackle Mt. Everest your first go around is way too difficult and often way too overwhelming. Define your macro goal and then every week set 5-7 micro or small goals to help chip away at the bigger picture. You can set your largest macro goal and then 12 monthly macro goals and then dig deeper into daily or weekly micro goals. Breaking your days and weeks down into achievable lists like contact 5 new employers, create a new Instagram page or sign up for an online class are micro goals that will ultimately  help you achieve your macro goal.

Find Your Tribe: Accountability is key in life and having a tribe or partner you can bounce ideas off of or keep you accountable can be a key tipping point in your success. Find someone who you can trust. Someone you can be your best and worst self with and take a leap of faith together!

Change Your Attitude: I saw a quote yesterday that said: “It is better to be overwhelmed than underwhelmed.”  That really resinated with me because I have been both in my life. I remember being in Oregon with nothing to do and people would always say “embrace this time because it will not last forever.” Boy were they right! The last few years have been extremely overwhelming at times and I would much rather be overwhelmed with life and opportunity than live an underwhelming existence. A little shift in attitude and mindset can help you get over your fears and start to appreciate the curve balls life throws at you.

Start a Gratitude Practice: Gratitude is a practice just like Yoga or mediation. I love using the 5 Minute Journal. It is a simple practice that helps me to be grateful for all the blessings in my life big or small. You can be thankful for the good and the bad because ultimately it all makes you stronger. Be thankful for everything from your morning coffee to the money in your bank account and remember someone out there is praying for the life you already have.

Focus on Your Health and Fitness: “You are what you eat.” Have you ever heard that saying? I am sure you have. Focusing on your health and fitness may sound unrelated to fear, but hormones have complete control over your body, mind and soul. If you are consuming junk and not getting sweaty your fear will likely take over and anxiety and depression can likely worsen. Fuel your body with whole foods and sweat for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week and you will feel your mind become more clear, your body work more efficiently and your productivity sky rocket. Check out this post for more on how I felt after not working out for ten days straight.

Learn From Your Failures: We will all fail at some point or another. It is how you get back up that determines your character. Do not be afraid to fail because in those moments of failure are where the valuable lessons lie. Remember, pain is also temporary so whatever tough time you are going through…”this too shall pass.”

Dig Deep: Try to determine where your fear comes from. Define it, meditate on it, seek out a qualified therapist if you need to and try to work on letting it go. Harboring fear, stress, anger or pain only hurts you. Try to dig deep and let it go.

Let the Universe do its Thing: Have you ever had a particularly hard week and then read your horoscope and realize your sign was in retrograde? Yea girl, me too! The universe is a very strong and powerful thing. So if you keep chipping away at those goals little by little and you trust the process, life always has a funny way or working itself out.

Visualize and Rise: I am currently doing a pre-post natal course and learning all about the extreme benefits of visualization practices. Visualization practices use the five senses to see, hear, feel, smell and touch to mentally be in the place you want to be. Close your eyes and picture where you want to be at the end of the next 365 days. What do you feel like? More confident? Who are you surrounded by? What is in your bank account? Picture it all in its best case scenario. Go back to that visualization every now and again to keep pushing forward.

Read: Books like “The Life Changing Art of Not Giving a F*!k” can help adjust your mindset and throw fear by the wayside.

How to be Fearless in 2018

Photo by @LucciaPhotos


Just Start: Now that you have tackled my tips on become fearless. What is holding you back? Start working towards your fears and live the happy life you deserve! Take a leap of faith and use these tips as a guide to come back to when and if you lose your footing. You got this! Happy 2018.

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