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Fuel Yourself With Plant Protein- Baptist Health South Florida

Fuel Yourself With Plant Protein

Natalie Castro is an RD from Baptist Health South Florida, and today, she has compiled a list of benefits on why you should fuel your body with plant protein. Today’s post is not to encourage all of the steak lovers out there to turn vegetarian, but rather, debunk the myth you cannot get adequate amounts of protein from a plant-based diet.

Honestly, I used to have the same mindset when it came to food that many Americans have. I thought that going vegetarian or vegan would be absolutely torturous. I thought I would hate every day of it. I thought I would never feel satisfied and give up after my first meat-free meal. In fact, I did not even think you could get protein from sources other than meat. Boy was I wrong! As the old saying goes: “ignorance is bliss”, and now after diving into the health and fitness community I can say that “knowledge is power” is the more powerful statement!

Grow2Heal Community Garden

As my life has transitioned into the health and fitness space I have acquired so much knowledge about the way food is used as fuel in your body. Plants, nuts, seeds and heart-healthy fats are great sources of energy, fiber and offer enough nutrients to ward off diseases that are plaguing this country including: obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Plants can help detoxify the body and give your gut a much-needed break to reset and recharge.

Plant protein sources I love include:

  • Quinoa
  • Lentils
  • Black beans
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Nuts and Nut Butter
  • Chia Seeds
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Oatmeal

For more on fueling yourself with plant protein and a great vegetarian recipe, make sure to check out the full post from my friends over at Baptist Health South Florida!


Let’s Get UGLY With Propel CO:LABS Summer Series

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi…Propel, the only enhanced water with enough electrolytes to replace what you lose in sweat and get the most out of workouts. Have you seen the new commercial? It rocks doesn’t it? Jessie J killed the track [available on Pandora now],  and I cannot wait for you guys to experience CO:LABS coming to a city near you this summer!

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

Whether it’s yoga and dance, boxing or spinning, today’s fitness culture is all about building and using your inner strength to push yourself further, and conquer the sweatiest, most challenging workouts-the “ugly” workouts. To celebrate this hard work and unite the fitness community, Propel is launching the “Let’s Get Ugly” campaign and collaborating with the leading and most innovative instructors and studios to deliver one-of-a-kind workout experiences across the country!

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen that I traveled to New York for the Propel Co:Labs First Look event! Propel has brought together the best trainers across the country to host fitness  CO:LABS in New York, Miami, Chicago, Denver and L.A. this summer! They also brought on ten bloggers and influencers to help lead the sweat fueled charge. It was so great to get to know other like-minded women who making waves in the health and fitness community! Almost immediately, we felt like family and I cannot wait to get together for BLOGFEST in July!

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

I received the e-mail a couple of months ago asking if I would be one of the ten fitness influencers to join the Propel team this summer, and before I could even finish reading the e-mail, I was shouting YES! During the kick-off first look event we had the chance to learn more about Propel, have a photoshoot and take classes from “The Class” by Taryn Toomey, Yoga for Bad People and Prevail Boxing! It was one of the best sweat-fueled days I have had in a long time.

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

Propel CO:LABS "Let's Get UGLY"

The energy and endorphins running through my veins honestly kept me smiling all day! Like I said before, Propel CO:LABS will be coming to New York, Miami, Denver, Chicago and culminate in Los Angeles with a huge fitness festival! Miami friends, mark your calendars for May 16-18 and stay tuned for more details about our CO:LAB! I want to make sure you experience the best of Miami fitness before the sunshine state really heats up!

Happy Humpday friends! Make sure to get to the gym or studio and “get ugly” today!

For more on CO:LABS check out!


Find Your ZOKU With Reebok

*This post is sponsored by Reebok thank you in advance for supporting my favorite brand partners! Without them, this blog would not be possible. As always, all opinions are my own.

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

ZOKU’s Japanese translation means to be continued or to be part of a tribe. As a strong millennial woman, I consider my gang of fearless females my ZOKU! They inspire me to be the best version of myself, and honestly, are the reason I continue to share my stories with all of you on my little part of the Internet. The whole ‘mean girls’ trend is like so 2004, and we should work hard as women to leave that shtick in the past and take time to lift our girl gangs up. Support and inspiration of one another should be the wave of the here and now!

ZOKU Runner by Reebok

Like the ZOKU RUNNER, women are incredibly versatile! No offense to my husband, brothers or father, but my rock star gals who are full-time working stay at home mom’s; I bow down to you! You are the real heroes of the household, and no doubt “wear the pants”. Better yet…you wear the “ZOKU RUNNERS”. Women have to be a variety of different people on any given day. They are the cooks, the cheerleaders, the organizers, the boss babes, the goal diggers, the wives, the girlfriends, the coaches and often times the fathers. Women are truly what make the world go round. So thank you mom for all of the sleepless nights and sacrifices you made for us!

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Heart Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad


Avocado Dill Chicken Salad by Taylor Walker Fit

Chicken salad has always been one of those “take it or leave it” kind of dishes for me. I was never a big fan of it until I tried some at a bbq that gave me “all the feels”! Salty, sweet, crunchy, spicy and tangy. I have been a lover of the dish ever since. Fat, as we know, can be good for you, but it has to consumed through healthy sources like avocado and olive oil. Fat helps our body absorb nutrients and this dish is filled with the “whole foods trifecta” including: Lean Protein, Carbohydrates and Heart Healthy Fat!

This dish is perfect for your next spring picnic or would be a great make ahead meal. You can eat it as is, wrap it up or put it on rye crisps for a delicious satisfying lunch that will undoubtably give you ALL THE FEELS.

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#NotGonnaStop Sports Massage With HoMedics

I was asked to participate in the #NotGonnaStop campaign, sponsored by HoMedics® Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit #Ad

Tough Workout? Travel? Stress? Why wait for a massage when you can soothe and relax your muscles from the comfort of your own home with HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers? If I am being honest, I rely on quarterly massages to help realign my body, decompress from the world and feel rejuvinated after strenuous workouts. In terms of massage practice, convenience is key and affordability is a close second. Although I do wish I could find the time and money to receive professional massages more often, I have come to rely on at-home massage practice between visits to the spa.

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit #AD is my go-to site to help fulfill my needs while on the road! Let’s be real…I would be hard pressed to find any gal who could live without Target. LOL On my last trip I stumbled upon HoMedics® vibration massagers and could not wait to get my hands on them! and HoMedics® I must say…this 30+ millennial thanks you! Using HoMedics® after a long day of work is now a major part of my nightly ritual, and I look forward to using them daily.

Unfortunately, massage is often times considered a luxury instead of necessity, but did you know the benefits of massage dates back thousands of years in Chinese and Egyptian cultures? Back to 2700 BCE-to be exact. There are numerous reasons why massage practice is still around centuries later.

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit

In today’s culture we are straining our bodies and minds at an alarmingly fast rate. It may be from sitting at a desk all day to staring into screens 24/7. Even as you read this post, take not of your posture. Is your head leaning forward? Are your shoulders slumped? Eyes strained? How often do you take the time to open your shoulders, neck and head? If you do not take time…you need to!

In fact, stop right now! Release your head back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and stick your chest out. Hold for ten seconds and release. Repeat three times taking deep breaths all the way though. You should instantly feel tension in your body release and feel a quick burst of energy throughout your veins! Another reason to take your decompression time seriously…increased energy!

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit #Ad

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit

I have used a foam roller for as long as I can remember! It is one of the tools that truly helps to speed recuperating time. The HoMedics ® Gladiator™ Vibration Foam Roller takes rolling to a whole different level with multiple foam textures offering a variety of different sensations and three vibration massage intensities that can be used in all phases of post workout activity. In fact, all of the products featured today offer invigorating vibration for a deeper massage. They are battery operated and the HoMedics ® Gladiator™ Vibration Foam Roller even has a secret compartment for storing keys and other small items making this roller my top choice for my home or on-the-go massage!

My other “go-to” HoMedics ® Sports Recovery Massagers that help diminish muscle tension after tough workouts and long travel days include:

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit

The HoMedics ® Vertex™ Vibration Stick Roller: The vibration soothes overworked muscles utilizing six independent spinning rollers that help to stretch and loosen tired muscles in a rolling action. Trigger point ends release tight muscles with targeted pressure massage and the rubber grip handles make it easy to use. Even after you have worked up a sweat!

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit

 The Hydra™ Vibration Foot Massager: Is my second favorite product in the line. You can use it cold or hot with the added benefit of vibration. The vibration refreshes tired feet and the acu-node surface delivers an invigorating massage to the bottom of the feet. My ankles and feet have taken a beating the majority of my life, and honestly, after using the The Hydra™ Vibration Foot Massager I feel re-energized, less dull pain and can quite literally feel the stress of the day being melted away.

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit

 The HoMedics The HoMedics® Atlas Vibration Acu-Node Massager® AKA my “travel buddy” stimulates and rejuvenates tired muscles like all the others, but this one can easily fit in your fanny pack, purse or backpack. Its acu-node texture delivers a more versatile use to back, legs, arms and feet.

HoMedics #NotGonnaStop by TaylorWalkerFit

At-home massage with the HoMedics ® Sports Recovery Massagers is something you can do on a daily basis! Remember, when you work out or play hard, it pays to take care of your body. HoMedics® has been a leader in massage for over three decades. They know that relaxed, loose muscles help you perform better and achieve your goals.

Life doesn’t stop. Neither should you. HoMedics® helps you bounce back faster so you can get back to doing what you love! Make it a point to include massage into your monthly routine ASAP, and if you’re looking for additional HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers that aren’t listed here, make sure to head to, or in store at Rite Aid  and remember to BE UNSTOPPABLE! Logo




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HoMedics. The opinions and text are all mine.

Nulux by lululemon-It Feels Like…

*This post is sponsored by lululemon. Thank you in advance for supporting my favorite brand partners! Without them, this blog would not be possible. As always, all opinions are my own.


lululemon has been a mainstay in this health and fitness junkies life for some time now. They are brand I stay loyal to for many reasons; three being: comfort, style and timelessness of their pieces. To me, diving into the NULUX collection is like stepping out your front door and into a cool-crisp spring morning. You know the type I am talking about. The mornings where you walk out the front door when the sun is just beginning to shine, the birds are chirping, there is dew on the grass and a slight lingering chill is holding on for dear life as the first sign of daffodils pop up to say “hello”-just in time for your morning walk or run.

Nulux…It feels like running naked on a perfect spring morning. feels like... feels like...

122A0675Nulux fabric is quick-drying, sweat wicking and offers lightweight coverage for all of your fitness needs. In other words, Nulux bra’s and tights fit exactly how I like them to, whether I am going out for brunch or am in the “pursuit of sweat” from my weekly barre classes to outdoor run or HIIT training session.

Nulux by lululemon

The Nulux Fast and Free Crop is high-rise and can be cinched at the waist to customize fit. Reflective details also help to keep you on the radar during your early morning or post dusk time on the road.

Nulux by lululemon


Living in Miami means you can take your workout outside 365 days a year; however, the extreme summer heat can also leave you feeling breathless in a short period of time. Investing in gear that lets your body breathe and leaves you comfortable is the key to success! feels like

The Nulux Fast and Free Crop and Bra come in a variety of bright spring prints and colors! I love how the bra cuts in at the clavicle and adds ample coverage and boost without feeling suffocated or restricted. The Nulux fabric offers barely-there sensation, quick drying, lightweight coverage that is perfect for a training session at the park on the beach or wherever life takes you!

Nulux by lululemon

The crazy smooth fabric is also great for layering! I plan on wearing mine well in summer and I hope you do too! As the temps begin to rise and the last of the snow melts away I encourage you to start aNU in Nulux!

Don’t let your workout clothes get the best of you. Head over to or show up in store, pick out your favorite look, grab your equipment, get outside and live #TheSweatLife this spring.

Get “naked” with Nulux! Designed with you in mind. Logo

Sports & Wellness Month With the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Video by Catarcione Productions

Happy April everyone! I have teamed up with the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau for Sports and Wellness Month here in sunny Miami, FL! Living the Taylor Walker Fit lifestyle is all about living a balanced life, and for many of you who have been following my journey know that I live by the motto : “Eat the burger, do the sit up’s and live the happy-healthy life you deserve. ”.

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

While doing my Master’s Degree, I spent a lot of time studying “lifetime activities”. A lifetime activity is a game or sport that is low impact, enjoyable and can be done for the majority of ones life. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I got college credit for learning and playing golf, tennis, pickle ball, hiking, biking and more! Not only were they some of my favorite classes, but I came to realize that you can easily work up a sweat without lifting a dumbbell, and guess what? It can also be tons of fun!

Living in Miami, we have the benefit of being able to enjoy the great outdoors 365 days a year and I hope today’s post will encourage you to explore our city, and find ways to fit in fitness and wellness this April. It does not matter if you are a full-time resident or only visiting us for a little while, #MiamiSports Month has something for everyone.

Today, I am here to highlight some of the top activities you can do to work up a sweat and have a blast while doing it, here…on beautiful South Beach and Biscayne Bay! Even if you are only visiting the sunshine state for a little while you can enjoy a plethora of happenings that put the ACTIVE in activity!

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

Citi Bikes: Explore South Beach by Bike! You can ride on the beach bike path and enjoy fellow runners, families and strollers. My favorite time to ride is early morning right after the sun begins to rise. Simply pay for a bike at a kiosk, ride and return to one of many locations all over South Beach. If you are a local, riding a bike can be much more convenient to run errands than your car. So next time you skip the gym, consider a CITI bike to make your Whole Foods run or head down to South Pointe park and enjoy a water front view bubbling over with beauty all around you!

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

Beach Volleyball: With Model Volleyball behind us 8th and Ocean is still the place to be in South Beach. Grab a court, a group of friends and set, bump, spike your way to a better body! The courts are all sand, in pristine condition and are in a prime time location for people watching and a post-sweat meal.

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

Miami Sports & Wellness Month With Taylor Walker Fit

Aqua Jet: It’s a bird…It’s a plane…no it’s just Taylor in a red helmet being shot out of the water with aqua boots! Aqua-Jet Miami was our third and final stop of the day. If you are into adventure of any kind then you must spend a day on the water. My husband and I are boaters and paddle boarders, and are out on the water every weekend; however, Aqua Jet was a completely different challenge all in itself. We started at the marina and took a catamaran to a private, pristine little island where I was greeted by my teacher and shallow water. From there, I was taught the ropes and taken offshore. There was no one in sight, and I was a bit nervous to start, but my teacher and friends from the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau’s encouragement and support eased all of my fears. It took a few tries, but before I knew it I was propelled in the air and was literally walking on water!

Yes, I bit the dust a few times. No, it was not easy, but it brought out my competitive spirit and before I knew it I found success. Knees locked, horizon in sight. All in all a great day! If you are looking for adventure and “vitamin sea” then I suggest you book your spot with Aqua Jet Miami today!

See our adventure come alive in today’s video above, and if you happen to hop on a Citi Bike, play volleyball on Ocean Drive or strap on aqua boots make sure to let us know on Facebook: @Visitmiami, Twitter & Instagram: @MiamiandBeaches, and make sure to use the hashtag #MiamiSports! A special thanks to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau for having me!

Happy #MiamiSports Month everyone! I’ll see you on the beach.

Make sure to visit for more Citibank special offers! Logo




Overcoming Binge Eating and Obesity With Baptist Health South Florida

Baptist Health South Florida

Remember the big confession I made the other day? Well, I am glad I was able to get that off my chest!  I took my little chapter of unhealthy behaviors and used them as an opportunity to offer solutions for common health and fitness problems we encounter when we cannot find time to make health and fitness a priority.

Today, I have a very healthy relationship with food, but that was not always the case, and it is not the case for many people who battle eating disorders on a daily basis. In today’s post with Baptist Health South Florida we are taking on the connection between binge eating disorder and obesity.

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Confessions of a Fitness Blogger: I Didn’t Work Out For Ten Days


Hi my name is Taylor Walker and I have a confession to make: I HAVE NOT WORKED OUT IN TEN DAYS. Yup, TEN DAYS! If I am being honest, this is not the first time that life has gotten the best of my workout schedule. I am human. I am busy;  and sometimes, I am exhausted and downright lazy.

[I know, I know…enough with the excuses.]

Over the past week and a half I have taught classes where I do work up a sweat, but that is not enough to get my blood pumping and release the endorphins I rely on to keep me positive and upbeat!   Nutrition and exercise have been at the forefront of my life for the past few years and I am getting back on track as we speak. But today, I wanted to share with you exactly how I felt when I let my health take a backseat to work and play because I know many of you can relate.

 If you have been in a healthy rut this winter, let’s shake off the winter blues and spring ahead together!

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DIY Protein Packed Hair Mask and Clarifying Rinse

DIY Protein Hair Mask and Clarifying Rinse

Back in the day I had a babysitter who would put mayonnaise in her hair as a conditioning mask. Honestly, at the time I thought it was very strange and kind of gross until I saw the results! Smooth, shiny strands after only one use.

Today, I am always trying to decrease the amount of toxins I put on my body and DIY masks and scrubs like this one are a part of my weekly routine. Modeling can reek havoc on your hair and skin, and my curl pattern has changed tremendously over the past couple of years.  Constant heat styling has left my locks more drab than fab. I used to have a love-hate relationship with my curls, but now I truly miss them and am working hard on getting my ringlets back to their pre #modellife, strong, bouncy selves.

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