And The Winner Is…#RealWomenWrinkle

Last week some of my friends and I came together for a cause called #RealWomenWrinkle. On June 1st we encouraged our friends and followers to post an unedited image of themselves showing how they embrace their wrinkles [face or body] and I was overwhelmed by the warm comments, participant stories, and most importantly that people of all ages and races connected to the message. When we run, jump, swim or cuddle….we wrinkle, but rarely do we see that ‘realness’ on our social media feeds. All we usually see is a curated set of images that have been photoshopped and filtered to perfection. Sometimes the need to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ can be completely overwhelming, and I wanted this campaign to start body positive dialogue.

Even though I am a model who is very thankful for my genetic makeup; there are plenty of days where I feel less than stellar, and social media does not help my cause in the least!  In today’s society social media has a trickle down affect where our youth no longer aspire to be ‘Like Mike’, but want to be just like those on their feeds with 100k insta followers, popping bottles all over the world, and unfortunately they lose themselves in the mix. If I ever have a daughter I hope to show her this campaign when she is old enough and encourage her to embrace every inch of herself and her life the best that she  can.

I have been running around the streets of NYC this week, which is why content has been a little light, but I had my agents wedding on Saturday, and when I was asked to see pictures of me and my friend we realized we didn’t take anything more than a single snapchat in the uber on the way home. For the first time in a long time, I was too busy having fun, and although I was kind of bummed I didn’t get a photo with my Wilhelmina family; I have great memories that will last me a lifetime! So thank you to all who joined the campaign..let’s keep the #RealWomenWrinkle hashtag going!

Congratulations to our winner of the #RealWomenWrinkle giveaway…@thehealthyhabitat we will contact you shortly!

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