TWF Product Test: Adidas Ultra Boost X

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Adidas Ultra Boost X

Last week was a serious marathon of sweat, unity and fit-fashion excellence! I had opportunity to connect with fit-friends and bloggers across the country, attend a workout fundraiser at The Fit Shop in North Miami Beach and experience the best in fitness from NYC to MIA and beyond. The sweat life has given me a serious boost of inspiration to create, complete certifications and connect with other strong like-minded women.

When I think of household fitness brands, adidas is definitely on the top of my list!

Every woman has her go-to brands to make her feel fabulous, and adidas has been a mainstay in my wardrobe since I was a little bit of a thing. Remember the massaging sandals that took a week to get used to? Well, they are back, and honestly, I think the adidas tracksuit has been on rotation since my mom was shopping for clothes in terms of months.

No other brand has a more distinguished history and stronger connection with sport than adidas so I was very excited to be asked to a part of this campaign! I was gifted the Ultra Boost X sneaker, Warp Knit Crop and the Supernova TKO Long Tight, and I decided to put the gear to the test at last weeks intense workout at The Fit Shop NMB. I figured, if the product could stand up to kettle bells, sprints, burpees and medicine balls then it could stand up to almost anything.

Adidas Ultra Boost X

The Ultra Boost exceeded every expectation I had. Although I do feel like they are more of a running shoe than a training shoe, they made a very big difference in the impact I felt in my knees and lower back after 45-minutes of burpees and sprints. I have worn them the past week for travel and have paired them with almost everything from the look shown here to jeans shorts and dresses! The Ultra Boost is definitely more of a sporty shoe, but can work with more fashion forward trends.

When I first put on the Ultra Boost X, I thought they were a little tight around my arches, but with a little adjustment, they made my flat feet feel like I had more support and literal spring in my step. The adidas prime knit upper wraps the foot in adaptive support and ultra light comfort. Adidas says; “The more energy you give, the more you get.” And that is a motto I can get on board with!

My go-to girls [Like Amanda, my friends and creator of Icon Sportif] can be spotted wearing the Ultra Boost X on the regular! They retail for $180 and will satisfy even the most hard to please fitness enthusiast. So if there is one shoe I suggest investing in this season…this is it!

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