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Hiya! I’m Taylor,and welcome to my healthy cooking and fitness blog. This blog will serve as a place to document and share my journey to living the most healthy and active lifestyle possible. Turning thirty can be a scary yet empowering time in a women’s life, but now that I am thirty one , on the cusp of turning 32, I truly feel that  I have shed the insecurities of my early years, and feel comfortable and confident in the skin I am in. Today, I am figuring out my role as wife and grown-up through my passion for healthy cooking and fitness. I am a Barre Instructor in Miami, FL, and am loving my new career in the fitness industry.

In 2014, I had the honor of winning a nation-wide Wilhelmina fitness model search. As I prepared for the contest I realized my metabolism and genes would only get me so far. If I truly wanted to land the once in a lifetime contract…it was time to make a change. As a former ninth grade Physical Education Teacher I have always been an advocate for healthy living.  Now, as a Wilhelmina  fitness model, blogger and barre instructor living in Miami; it is time for me to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ as an ambassador for healthy living.

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Before and After: four months of clean eating and an amped up at-home workout schedule:

Before and After

Fun Facts:

Where I am from: Dix Hills, New York

Places I have lived: Maryland, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Florida

Favorite Health Food: Quinoa everything with a side of Mango. Oh, and Cold Pressed Juices! They are trendy for a reason.

Married to: My brothers post-college roommate and biggest cheerleader! You can call me Mrs. Sinning too!

TaylorWalkerFit and her hubby! By Judy Walker Photography


Photos by Judy Walker (My Mama)-Check out my ‘Fit Fashion’ page to see photos from our on-going collaboration.

Daughter of: A photographer and a former NFL player


My roles in life include: Wife, Daughter, Little Sister, Big Sister, God Mother, Friend, Klutz, Host, Teacher, Advice Giver, Cleaning Lady, GPS for my husbands lost goods, Grammatically Terrible Texter and Believer in Karma.

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